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Aurora Office Furniture supplies a large range of glassboards such as magnetic glassboards, coloured glassboards, glass board flipcharts and mobile glass flipcharts. We can also supply custom sized glass boards to suit your office. We can supply and
install in the Canberra region to any business or we can supply the Whiteboards as they are. Please enquire if you would like the glassboards installed. Why choose a Glassboard? There are many benefits of using Glassboards. They offer a stain free writing surface which accepts any standard Whiteboard marker The surface also takes permanent marker which can be cleaned off with Whiteboard cleaner Glassboards look professional and smart in boardrooms, training rooms and breakout areas Choice of Magnetic or Non-magnetic Whiteboards can be custom made to order There is a huge range of Dulux colours to choose from for your Whiteboard, this can create a splash of Colour in the workplace CLICK HERE
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