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Different Types of Locks for Lockers, Pros and Cons

Tips / March 8, 2022

Key Locker Lock

Locker Key Lock

Ideal if you are on a budget and don’t have large staffing requirements.
Before buying, consider how many staff will be using the lockers. If you are buying 50 or more doors, the risk of a lost key grows. If you’re budget does not allow for another option, be sure to check that a master key is available for purchase and check the price of replacement keys,


  • Keys are simple and easy to use
  • Cheap and easy to replace
  • Keys can often be sourced cheaply from local lock smiths.
  • Depending on key type some include a barrel exchange systems which allow for easy swap of barrels in the case of lost or stolen keys.


  • Keys are easy to lose
  • Cheap barrels are easy to bypass by a determined thief.
  • Forgotten or lost keys require someone to manage keys.
  • Waiting on replacement keys can leave a locker unusable for a period of time.

Latch Lock

Locker Latch Lock

Allows for user to organise there own security. Padlocking and can be an affordable way to reduce key management by admin staff.


  • Easy to use, padlocks are simple to use.
  • If the user is bringing their own padlock, it puts the responsible on the user for lost or stolen keys.
  • Padlocks can are readily available for the user to buy.


  • You must keep bolt cutters on site.
  • Can be unsightly if the lockers are in a public space. By having every user choosing their own colourful padlocks.

Mechanical Combination Locker Lock

Combination Locks are a handy way to eliminate the need for keys in your locker room while allowing for secure access by patrons. Not suitable for Gyms where staff assistance not available.


  • Keyless locker room
  • No batteries are required.
  • Good combination locks have emergency override key access in the case of a forgotten code.
  • Many combination locks can be managed by the user to set new codes to improve security.
  • Saves on replacement keys or padlocks.


  • Users can still forget their codes and may need staff help to override lock.
  • If the combination lock does not have the scramble feature, nearby snoops can see the code on an open locker door while its in use.

Digital Locker Lock

A fantastic keyless locking option, with high tech solutions allowing for both shared use or single user mode and more. Digital lockers create a great aestheticly. Our suggestion is to ensure your lock has a manual key override, in the case of a total lock failure.


  • No keys required making your lockers more user friendly.
  • Some digital locker locks have automatic unlock timers, or even real time clocks, forcing shared environments to be fully available to all users at times you choose.
  • Some digital locks have double-entry of codes, preventing accidental mis-entry and lockouts.
  • Most digital locker locks have batteries that allow for thousands of uses.
  • Huge range of customisation available, making your locker room truly function the way you need it to.


  • Batteries need to be changed, this required regular maintainance and cost.
  • Being electronic, warranties are often 1 or 2 years
  • The costly depending on the features such as water proof IP rating, real time clock or Bluetooth connectivity.
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