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BQ Acoustic Pod Collection


Fitted with 1 x LED light (4w 400k)
Comes with 8 x ventilation fans, controlled by a door triggered sensor
Speech level reduction of 30DB
Air replacement: every 1.8 minutes (total air flow: 2680L/min)
Fitted with heavy duty castors for easy movement for relocation
5 year warranty


Single Pod

“Overall size: 2200mm H x 1030mm W x 1030mm D
Internal size: 2080mm H x 910mm W x 930mm D
Wall mounted table: 500mm W x 280-200mm D (tapered) x 25mm H
Doorway width: 840mm”

Working Pod

“Overall Size: 2200mm H x 1500mm W x 1200mm D
Internal Size: 2080mm H x 1380mm W x 1060mm D
Wall Mounted Table: 1040mm W x 450mm D x 25mm T
Doorway Width: 840mm”

Meeting Pod

“Overall size: 2200H x 2200W x 1200D
Internal size: 2080H x 2100W x 930D
Table: 500W x 700W x 640H with rectangular flat plate base underframe
Doorway width: 840mm
Sofa overall size: 1070W x 580D x 680H each, 2 sofas per pod
Sofa seat height: 390mm, seat depth: 450mm, back rest height: 290mm”

Large Pod

“Overall Size: 2200mm H x 2200mm W x 1500mm D
Internal Size: 2080mm H x 2100mm W x 1380mm D
Sofas (x2) Per POD: 1370mm W x 580mm D x 680mm H ( Overall )
390mm Seat Height
450mm Seat Depth
290mm Back Rest Height
Table: 1000mm W x 500mm D x 640mm H – Rectangular Flat Plate Base Underframe
Doorway Width: 840mm”

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