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Lavoisier with seat pad


*From price based on the picture which is the Lavoisier with seat pad in blue fabric. From price does not include assembly costs. From price is approximate only to help people budget for their office requirements. Special government and corporate pricing available.

Lavoisier combines the latest in design elements with the newest technology. This creates a truly functional and aesthetically pleasing visitor or conference chair. Seat and back plastic, 100% recyclable polypropylene injection, with the seat able to be upholstered. Slim powder coated sled frame standard with linking, stacking for high functionality.

5-Year Warranty (excludes fabric)
Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Microbial
Independently tested by Catas.
These tests have been carried out according to table 1 of EN 16139:2013, level L2 – extreme.

Back Height 400 mm
Back Width 440 mm
Seat Depth 500 mm
Seat Height 450 mm
Seat Width 450 mm


Any fabric can be quoted – contact us for more details



ChairSol House (House)
Lustrell Charisma (Warwick)
Access (Wortley)
Ashcroft (Warwick)

CATEGORY 2 FABRIC ($13 – $16.99)
Smart (Laines)
Urban (Laines)
Ambience (Warwick)

CATEGORY 3 FABRIC ($17 – $19.99)
Pacifica Hide (Innova)
Pacifica Standard (Innova)
Pacifica Weave (Innova)
Nelson (Instyle)
Think (Instyle)
Genoa (Laines)
Ardo (Warwick)
Beachcomber (Warwick)
Keylargo (Warwick)
Prague (Warwick)
Rave (Warwick)
York (Warwick)
Hathaway (Warwick)
Scandi (Wortley)

CATEGORY 4 FABRIC ($20 – $24.99)
Suzette (Laines)
Renegade (Sustainable Living)
Encore (Warwick)
Gili (Warwick)
Liam (Warwick)
Mystere (Warwick)
Hustle (Wortley)

CATEGORY 5 FABRIC ($25 – $34.99)
Terra Nova (Innova)
Supelle (Innova)
City (Instyle)
Diva (Instyle)
Epic (Instyle)
Preston (Instyle)
Siren (Instyle)
Genre (Instyle)
Nouveau Vinyl (Laine)
Ambience (Laine)
Rave (Laine)
Focus (Laine)
Media (Macquarie)
Move Express (Macquarie)
Lucent (Warwick)
Maisie (Warwick)
Principal Plus Vinyl (Wortley)
Studio Encore (Wortley)
Harbour Vinyl (Wortley)
Kaleidoscope (Wortley)
Matrix (Wortley)
Edge (Woven Image)

CATEGORY 6 FABRIC ($35 – $38.99)
New Aquarius (Laines)
Chelsea Q (Sustainable Living)
Macrosoft (Warwick)
Pellan Vinyl (Wortley)
Tessuto (Wortley)

CATEGORY 7 FABRIC ($39 – $42.99)
Fizz (Instyle)
Mingle (Instyle)
Paintbox Vinyl (Instyle)
Pop (Instyle)
Squeeze (Instyle)
Galaxy (Sustainable Living)
Kimberley (Sustainable Living)
Chelsea (Sustainable Living)
Focus (Woven Image)
Link (Woven Image)

CATEGORY 8 FABRIC ($43 – $49.99)
Buzz (Instyle)
Atlas (Instyle)
Spring (Instyle)
Tex (Instyle)
Zone Vinyl (Instyle)
Desire (Laine)
Passion (Laine)
Matrix (Macquarie)
Swell (Macquarie)
Bungee (Macquarie)
Cord (Sustainable Living)
Reunion (Sustainable Living)
Entice (Warwick)
Arrow (Woven Image)
Quill (Woven Image)
Puzzle (Zepel)

CATEGORY 9 FABRIC ($50 – $60.99)
Source (Instyle)
Laser (Instyle)
Uber (Instyle)
Viva (Instyle)
Classic (Instyle)
Relax (Laines)
Cool (Laines)
Kakadu (Sustainable living)
Augustus (Warwick)
Park (Woven Image)
Flux (Woven Image)
Metropolis (Woven Image)
Matrix (Woven Image)
Ritual (Woven Image)


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