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Nivea Table Collection


Sizes, Narrow Frame

Nivea 4 Leg, Narrow
1500w x 750-1000d – Circa 500-1000 + GST
1800w x 750-1000d – Circa 500-1000 + GST
2100w x 750-1000d – Circa 500-1000 + GST
2400w x 1100-1300d – Circa 800-1500 + GST
2700w x 1100-1300d – Circa 800-1500 + GST

Nivea 6 Leg, Narrow
3000w x 1100-1300d
3600w x 1100-1300d
4200w x 1100-1300d

Nivea 8 Leg, Narrow
3800w x 1100-1300d
4800w x 1100-1300d
5600w x 1100-1300d

Sizes, Round Table

Nivea Round Table
900mm diameter
1200mm diameter

Sizes, Wide Frame

Nivea 4 Leg, Wide
1400w x 1400-1600d
1700w x 1400-1600d
2000w x 1400-1600d
2300w x 1400-1600d
2600w x 1400-1600d

Nivea 6 Leg, Wide
2900w x 1500-1700d
3500w x 1500-1700d
4100w x 1500-1700d
4700w x 1500-1700d
2900w x 1800-2000d
3500w x 1800-2000d
4100w x 1800-2000d
4700w x 1800-2000d

Nivea 8 Leg, Wide
5300w x 1500-1700d
5400w x 1500-1700d
5900w x 1500-1700d
5300w x 1800-2000d
5400w x 1800-2000d
5900w x 1800-2000d

Product Questions

Top shape? Rectangle, Rectangle with rounded corners
Top thickness? Available as 25mm or 33mm thick
Top colour? Available in a large range of Laminex colours.

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