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4 Ways to Thrive & Succeed in an Open-Plan Office

News / January 11, 2021

Open Plan Office Spaces

Open-plan offices have become increasingly popular among many businesses and organisations over the past years. An open-plan office is ultimately a setup with no walls or partitions. However, this office type can have its pros and cons.

While this setup works for some because of greater communication, teamwork, and transparency, it can be challenging for other employees. They may have a hard time overcoming distractions, maintaining focus, and increasing productivity.

If you are struggling at your workplace, don’t worry, as we’ve prepared four effective ways on how to thrive and succeed in an open-plan office:

1. Make the most of the spaces

The open-plan office has much more space than an enclosed one with several partitions. In such situations, the best way to make the most of these spaces is to utilise every nook and cranny in your office. Despite the open structure, make sure to assign each employee their individual areas and allow them to personalise them. That way, they’ll have a sense of ownership and control while you get to use all spaces properly.

2. Foster focus and concentration

Distractions for some employees can be the biggest challenge in an open-plan space. It’s easy for some to lose their focus and concentration while working because they’ll start chatting with their colleagues, or several visual distractions will catch their attention. The best course of action is to use the Pomodoro Technique. This technique is a time-management strategy that entails scheduling short breaks to boost the employees’ focus and concentration. You can implement this technique and later on determine where or not it works for your situation.

3. Reduce noises

Did you know that productivity can drop by 66 per cent due to unwanted noise? Disturbing sounds actually affect work in general, and the employees’ overall efficiency. Whether it’s office chatter or background music, it will more than likely distract them. Of course, the best solution to this is to reduce noises in the office area. Despite the open space, you must draw the line between the work and break area, and if it helps, designate a common area where co-workers can relax and chat freely. Ultimately, make sure that every employee is aware of this guideline and know where they must position themselves.

4. Communicate and collaborate

Keep in mind that an open-plan office is an ideal setup for fostering communication and collaboration in an office. Given this office structure, encourage everyone to brainstorm and work together for the common good. Doing this will spark conversations, boost teamwork, and lead to overall business success. However, be sure to implement and reinforce a code of conduct for everyone to follow to avoid gossip, unnecessary noises, and arguments or conflicts.

Woman Working In Open Plan Office


At this point, you now know how to find ways to flourish and rise above any challenges in an open-plan office. As outlined above, all it takes is to make the most of the spaces, foster focus and concentration, reduce noises, as well as communicate and collaborate. With all these key steps, you’ll be able to ensure that you and your employees will thrive and succeed in an open-plan office environment for the benefit of your business or organisation!

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