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3 Tips to Set Up a Comfortable Workspace at Home

News / January 17, 2021

Set Up A Comfortable Workspace At Home

The global pandemic has pushed most employees all over the world to adopt a work-from-home (WFH) setting, and it seems like this setup will remain longer than expected. On top of that, there have been significant discussions on remote work setups as the pandemic has opened the possibilities of WFH or renting out office spaces instead of committing to the office that cost business owners more. As a result, remote work may become a permanent office solution moving forward!

With that, it’s time to invest in quality office furniture to promote a more professional atmosphere even as you work at home, so you will remain motivated to work. If you want to set up a comfortable home workspace, here are three tips to guide you:

Invest In Comfortable Office Chair

Have you ever tried to use your laptop on your bed or use your dining chair as an office chair? After some time, it will likely get tiring. What you need is a comfortable office chair that will provide you with full support, especially for your back. The quality of your office chair is crucial, especially to employees who spend most of the day seated in front of their computers.

You should choose chairs that are ergonomic and adjustable, and it’s crucial that you can adjust its height, armrests, and lumbar support. On top of that, you need to find a chair that will fit with your desk and room. Of course, comfort will always be a priority, which is why you must try out a few chairs and make sure you’re comfortable in it.

Install A Solid Desk

The industry standard for a good work desk height must be at 29 inches based on the average person’s height. A common mistake is that many employees don’t put too much thought into the desk, with their purchase leading to poor posture and an uncomfortable workspace. Aside from its height, make sure the desk is not too small — it should be big enough to provide you with enough work surface for your computer and space for you to write.

Depending on your job, it can be ideal for the desk to have few drawers to help you maintain an organised area. After all, you don’t want a cluttered workspace, or you will easily be distracted while you’re working.

Lastly, consider your technology-specific needs. For example, do you need a desk with a sliding keyboard tray? Or perhaps you need one that has openings on the top of your desk? Remember that much thought goes into choosing an office desk to ensure you are comfortable while you’re working at home.

Invest In A Solid Office Desk

Purchase Good Lighting

Along with an ergonomic chair and a solid desk comes adequate light fixtures. Sufficient lighting is crucial to your productivity and comfort so that you won’t have to deal with more headaches and eye strain. Assess the space where you will put your office desk in, and add as many light fixtures as you can!


Having a good home office setup is vital to your success at work. For this reason, keep in mind the three fixtures above you should invest in to ensure you have a comfortable workspace that will help maintain your productivity. Aside from investing in high-quality pieces of office furniture, you should also know where to purchase the best ones. With so many office furniture stores out there, it can be overwhelming.

If you are looking for quality office furniture in Canberra, ACT, then you have come to the right place. At Aurora Office Furniture, we offer top-notch products that can transform your space as your needs evolve – visit our shop today to place your order!

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