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Chasing the Best Career Life | How to Successfully Create a Happy Workplace

Tips / August 25, 2020

Work is an inevitable part of life. It ensures survival, as earning is the only way you’re able to live comfortably, eat well, and eventually function as a human being. Unfortunately, people from all over the world dread coming to work. Unless you’ve landed your dream job, the prospect of waking up each morning to come to your place of work can be a feat to overcome, which can make the idea of work an incredibly toxic concept.

Office Workers Meeting

In an ideal world, your employees should express enthusiasm for their tasks. Approaching every day with a motivated can-do attitude should be the norm, and their co-workers should feel like family. The overall atmosphere of your office should be of challenge and perseverance, not the picture of stress and people desperate to leave. Work is already difficult enough as it is — coupled with an unhappy workplace, people will grow weary, unproductive, and downtrodden.

To make sure that your team gets the most out of their careers and to keep your business flowing, it’s time to build a happy workplace. Here’s how:

The Foundation: Fully embrace the values and mission of your company

Each company has its own values and mission. If an employee sees worth in a company’s value and mission, they will show more passion and dedication to their work. Choosing employees whose goals align with the company’s will help you keep your employees satisfied and motivated.

A company needs multiple people working together to achieve a certain goal. For this reason, employees have to see value in what they do. If the company’s mission goes against their beliefs and personal values, it can be hard to find the motivation and drive to produce quality work. You can help your employees realize that their efforts are worthwhile. Helping them see the importance of your company’s values and mission will consequently be more engaged and more likely to take their jobs seriously.

The Design: Make your spaces comfortable

Studies show time and time again that the office appearance directly impacts employees’ productivity. Buildings with poor ventilation and poor lighting are nightmares to deal with. Coupled with uncomfortable office furniture and temperature levels, you’ll be fostering an unhappy environment. To create a space that improves the mood and inspires creativity, considering bringing nature in.

Make use of green vertical decors to fill your office walls, as well as a space that your employees can seek comfort during stressful days. You must also provide enough space for meetings and gatherings, as well as other amenities like outdoor seating, comfort rooms, and of course, comfortable office workstations.

The Health: Place emphasis on employee wellness

Prioritising employee wellness is perhaps the most important part of creating a happy workplace. No company will prosper without realizing the importance of having healthy employees. Your team needs to feel their best not just physically, but mentally and emotionally— only then will they be able to impact your company in the best possible way. With that being said, it’s logical to assume that employee wellness is the very foundation of a happy workplace.

As the leader, you need to ensure that your employees are equipped with enough resources and tools to perform their tasks, as well as healthcare opportunities for when they need it. Allow them space to wander during lunchtime, award them with comfortable office chairs, and even provide small programs like Friday Free Coffee Day. It’s the little things that matter, after all, and so long as they feel cared for, you’ll be fostering happy employees for years to come.

The Bottom Line

Creating a happy workplace takes a ton of work—you’ll need to focus on your company’s foundations, the overall design of your office, and of course, your employees’ health and wellbeing. It may indeed be a lot of work, but keeping your employees happy is the best way to ensure that they stay, thereby allowing your company to grow and thrive.

As you look for more ways to create a better career life for your employees, remember that they’re also human beings: listen to what they need and deliver.

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