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Design That Inspires | 3 Ways to Integrate Your Brand’s Values in Your Office Space

Design, Tips / August 28, 2020

Gone are the days where offices were once the epitome of formality. There’s been a big movement away from the hierarchical design and rigidly structured cubicles that made working for nine-to-five a tiring ordeal. Modern businesses now embrace creating an environment that can pack as much panache as practicality possible.

Your office space can make or mar an employee’s happiness, making it a crucial investment that can greatly increase their productivity. More than that, your office space can also be a powerful tool that extends your brand identity.

It’s easy to associate marketing with elements like your website design, social media collaterals and business cards, but the furniture, colour palette, and overall tone of your office space can do wonders in capturing your brand values. Here are ways you can incorporate your identity to your workplace:

Tip #1: Create a Space With A Unified Look and Feel

Casual Meeting Room Layout

Successful businesses know that when it comes to solid branding, consistency is the key to building recognition. The same concept applies to your office space design – be it a relaxed, cozy impression or a bright, bold, and colourful choice for young go-getters.

Some ways to create a unified atmosphere in your office is through the branding elements, such as adding subtle appearances of your colour palette in every room. You can tie in the colour by tying it in with items like curtains, chairs, desks, wall accents, and other accessories that can maintain the stylistic continuity of the space.

Tip #2: Create Dedicated Spaces That Reflect Your Values

Bright Modern Office Space

Marrying your brand’s core values isn’t limited to your furnishing choices or use of colour. Arranging the rooms’ layout is some of the most essential design elements that have a significant impact on the company culture.

If you’re going for an informal setting where employees can share a space to develop new ideas, adding a corner built for collaboration will do just the trick.

It’s where an open layout can benefit the most while separating the room using glass, decorative dividers, and other unique design features that can provide a private corner where team members can meditate or focus on work silently.

Tip #3: Consider the Right Furniture For Your Office

Open Plan Office Furniture

In addition to the office’s colour palette, decorative accents, lighting fixtures, and layout, the furniture can also do wonders in contributing to your brand’s values. Well-chosen furnishing can improve your employees’ comfort levels and provide a trustworthy, professional rustic, or innovative tone.

The Bottom Line: How Your Office Space Can Reflect Your Brand Values and Company Culture

Office spaces have evolved from the dull and drab years where cubicles and fluorescent lighting came to mind when envisioning the classic nine-to-five job. Businesses now see the importance of creating an aesthetically pleasing environment to boost employee morale and overall productivity.

Beyond providing an inspiring atmosphere, the office space also acts as a physical extension of your brand, so investing in quality office furniture is crucial.

If you’re looking for a premium office furniture supplier in Australia, we’re the best to call. We offer furnishings that are functional as it is stylish that is tailored to your unique business needs. Get in touch with us at 02 6299 4637 to see how we can transform your workplace!

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