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How to Pick the Best Office Furniture | What You Need to Know

News / September 7, 2020

Are you looking to improve your office space or about to build a new one? If that’s the case, then you are probably looking for different types of office furniture. They are a huge component of your project, so you need to take a moment to pick out the perfect options for your needs. 

This comprehensive guide will help you design your entire office, ensuring you pick the best office furniture options. From the qualities that define great workspaces, to tips that will help you make the best office furniture choices, the main goal is to maximise your budget for overall productivity and wellness while looking amazing. 

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Defining Qualities of Great Office Workspaces 

Take note of the following when choosing the best furniture for your different workspaces: 


Personal health and work balance

Due to the repetitive nature of office work, employees often suffer from bad sitting posture and physical inactivity. This leads to issues like stiff neck, lower back pain, and obesity. As such, you should find ways to encourage your employees to take active breaks to move around and maintain a healthy sitting posture. 

You can look into different office furniture options to promote active movement and good body posture. Most office owners consider ergonomic office chairs or sit-stand desks, but you can also consider different custom pieces that may suit your particular office setup. Consult with knowledgeable furniture salespeople to help you decide. 


Stress-free and user-friendly

As you maintain your employees’ health and wellbeing in the office, you also want them to avoid going through stressful situations. They need to easily move around the office and their own dedicated workspaces, as they are already dealing with the daily pressures of work tasks and deadlines.

Fortunately, modern office furniture is made for stress-free usability. This means your employees won’t need to go through much adjustment when they first start working. They can complete tasks without having to meet any office furniture-related roadblocks.   


Balanced collaborative and individual workspaces

Meetings and office-wide events are always going to be a huge part of work. Most office tasks also need to be done collaboratively to complete the task at hand. This means your office space needs to have different workspaces made for team-orientedness, like boardroom tables or easily collapsible work cubicles.

You need to make sure there is enough space to work together whilst giving employees space to focus on individual tasks. Think of your office like a machine: different moving parts that need to all make sense individually and holistically. 



Whilst there will always be traditional equipment in your office, like computers and printers, industry-specific pieces like 3D printers and cloud computing hubs are becoming more common.

Your office furniture needs to suit the different technological pieces that will furnish them to avoid technology-related accidents. Units falling off the desks which aren’t suited to the device or overheating because cooling fans are blocked are just some of the issues that can arise. Always study your technology’s manuals and pick office furniture made for it. 


Tips for Picking the Best Office Furniture

In light of the aforementioned qualities, consider the following tips:


Be open to suggestions from all departments

Since there are different departments in your office, take note of their various job descriptions and your employees’ feedback. This will help you decide the office furniture concerns you need to address.


Read office furniture catalogues thoroughly

Before buying office furniture, read through the catalogues so that you know about the important facts, like maintenance, warranty, and materials used. This will help you make informed decisions that benefit all your employees as they productively work to their full capacity.


Consider custom furniture selections

If there is a specific furniture piece that is not present in the catalogues, you can also look into getting custom furniture services to design unique and specialised pieces designed for your line of work.

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The bottom line – How to pick the best office furniture

When it comes to picking the best office furniture, remember to consider it as an investment in your employees’ potential that maximises overall productivity. See it as opportunities to grow your business and face the challenges of modern work-life balance. 

Are you searching for great deals and a full range of options for office furniture in Canberra? We at Aurora Office Furniture can provide you with all your furniture needs, from your reception desk to your diverse workspaces. Consult with us today and build the office of your dreams!


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