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How to Build the Perfect Home Office to Work From Home

News / September 30, 2020

Working from home was becoming a regular occurrence for many prior to the current situation we’re faced with. Now, with the social distancing and movement restriction protocols in place, it’s a mandatory measure that many businesses and their employees must adhere to.

If you are beginning to build your own home office, you might be overwhelmed with what you have to do to create a productive environment. This can be tough, especially since your home is a place where you usually lay back and relax.

If this is your first time building a home office, here is a guide to show you how you can create a great one!

Home Office Set Up

Finding the location

The best location in your home for your office would be a place that is somewhat isolated from everything else. This allows you to focus on your work without distractions and temptations e.g. The T.V. or kitchen!

That said, there are many other things the room you choose should have, such as windows for natural light and a strong wireless connection. All of these factors ensure you are at your most productive, even at home.


Implementing the right lighting

Lighting is vital for any space, especially for your home office. If your lighting is insufficient, you may find yourself straining your eyes.. Too much of it, and you end up exposing your eyes to glare, straining them again.

With that in mind, you must implement light in a way that eliminates shadows without producing glare. You can do this by combining natural light with artificial light, both of which work together to light your space correctly. Other fixtures, such as a desk lamp or floor lighting, may also be necessary, depending on your needs. Whatever it is you implement, make sure there is enough light no matter the time of day (or night).


Choosing the decor

While decor might seem unnecessary, it is vital! Good decor can help boost your creativity, allowing you to perform better at work. However, going overboard can mean you get overly distracted, hampering your productivity.

When decorating your office, you can never go wrong with plants. They add colour to a mostly black-and-white workplace, and they can also boost your mood and reduce stress. Plus, plants produce oxygen, something your brain needs to perform at its best!


Buying furniture

There are all sorts of office furniture you can put in your office. In most cases, you will need a desk for your laptop or computer, a cabinet for your files, and a chair to sit on.

While your furniture needs will depend on what kind of work you will perform, they must all be ergonomic. For example, an ergonomic chair will ensure proper lumbar support for full-day comfort. This goes a long way in ensuring long hours of work free from any strains or pains.



By carefully considering the above factors, you can design a home office that promotes productivity while ensuring you stay happy and healthy at work. That said, do not forget to take breaks once in a while, something you might forget when so engrossed in your tasks.

Even if you are sitting in the world’s most comfortable chair, your body and mind need breaks to revitalize and continue performing well.

Aurora Office Furniture is a family-owned furniture company in Australia that offers a wide variety of workplace-designed furniture for any office. If you are looking for an office desk in Canberra or the like, check out what we have for you!

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