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Keeping Up With The Times – 3 Office Design Trends to Discover in 2020

News / October 20, 2020

Office renovations can be a tricky ordeal, especially in recent years now that businesses have started to recognise the pivotal role design plays in creating a productive and inspiring environment. The furnishing, layout, and overall style can make or mar the office’s mood, making nine-to-five jobs feel better or worse depending on the environment.

What worked before may no longer be relevant, which is why strategies continue to evolve regarding office design. If you want to keep up with the trends and ensure your workspace embraces innovation, here are some office design ideas you can use to spruce up the company’s culture:

Office Cubicles

1. Combining Old And New Design To Create A Dynamic Workspace

One of the biggest trends that is making a comeback in 2020 is cubicles, and while the idea of working in a boxed space seems tiring, the new concept gives it a unique approach. Open spaces where management can work closely with all team members continues to rise in the industry, but now there’s a growing need for privacy.

That’s where the innovative “privacy pod” comes in, taking the old cubicle design to the extreme by giving it a futuristic touch. It reimagines boxed spaces by erasing its monotony by giving it a more purposeful design.

More than giving it a visual lift, the reinvented cubicles are now sound-proof and distraction-free, making it an excellent option for employees who need privacy.

2. Modular Desks That Can Keep Up With Your Employees

2020 is all about embracing the fast-paced environment and ensuring it remains comfortable and inspiring despite the hectic schedule. In that regard, one of the biggest ergonomic furniture to take the industry by storm is the creation of modular office desks.

Not only can they move so you can work in a new spot anytime, but it is also height-adjustable, allowing you to comfortably work while standing up for those who want to take a break from sitting down.

3. The Greener, The Better

More and more people are going greener by adding plants to their space, but now businesses are not afraid to take it to the next level by embracing biophilic designs. Moving away from the usual potted plants, offices in 2020 add more life to your space by adding vertical gardens on walls.

The Bottom Line:
Keep your Office Space Up-to-Date To Boost Productivity And Wellbeing

The office design – from the layout, lighting choices, ergonomic furnishings, and more – impacts how employees perform and grow in your business. While some design choices remain a classic throughout the changing seasons, keeping up with trends is essential as it ensures the company’s culture reflects the current needs of your employees.

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