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3 Essential Tips for Creating an Ergonomic Workspace

News / October 26, 2020

When you have a job that demands you to work at your desk all day and stay sedentary for hours, you should be aware that this set-up puts you at risk for many health concerns. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make your workstation more comfortable and ergonomic.

Sitting Posture

What is workspace ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. Its main goal is to create safe and efficient tools to improve how people work and interact. This design type decreases any risks of injuries and allows you to incorporate more movement in your day.

Prioritising workstation ergonomics has multiple benefits for your physical and mental health. When you have excellent workspace ergonomics, it will improve your productivity, the quality of your output, employee engagement and your company’s culture. Because of these benefits, many workplaces incorporate ergonomic office training into their company’s culture.

Aside from proper workplace ergonomics training, here are a few tips you can do on your own to make your office workstations more ergonomic.


Work around your natural sitting position

The first thing you want to do when you decide to make your workspace more ergonomic is to know your natural sitting position. When you know how you are naturally positioned when you’re seated, you’ll be able to move your office tools around and see what needs to change.

To figure out your natural sitting position, sit on your chair, keep your feet facing down, and place your hand on your lap. The next thing you want to do is relax your shoulders, lean back, and move your pelvis downward to wear your tailbone points. Remember that your spine should be stacked in this position, and your back should allow you to move while breathing. When you finally feel comfortable, this is your natural position and design a workspace around this.


Get a better chair

Once you’ve found your natural sitting position, you’ll immediately notice that you may be using the wrong chair. When you’re using the wrong chair, you’ll experience discomfort in your shoulders, neck, legs, and other parts of your body.

The best way to deal with this is to get an ergonomic office chair to help you better position yourself while you work. This will enhance your productivity and reduce significant health risks. Once you have the right chair, you must make the proper adjustments, such as your armrest’s height, seat, and backrest. This will ensure that you get maximum comfort while you work.



Arrange your desk

Now that you’re using the right chair, it’s time for you to arrange your desk and tools. Adjust the distance between yourself and your keyboard in an ergonomically-friendly position. This way, you won’t be straining your arms and neck while you’re on your desk for hours.

Another thing to remember is that your mouse should be positioned where your elbows can run along your sides. This reduces muscle strains in your wrist and arms and allows you to comfortably type during your work hours.

Your monitor should be an arm’s length away from you. The first line of text that you see on your monitor should be on your eye level. This will reduce eye strain and muscle pains around your neck and shoulders.



When you finally adjust your workspace and turn it into an ergonomic office, you’ll immediately see and feel the benefits of making these necessary changes. Workspace ergonomics will help you be more productive and minimize your exposure to health risks that come with sitting in your desk for hours. If you’re ready to make the ergonomic change, look for the proper furniture to transform your office into a more comfortable working space.

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