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Office Space Ideas Catalogue

Get exclusive access to our 3D Better Spaces catalogue. 30 inspiring space ideas on how to design your office areas.

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What Is The Best Locker Lock Type For Me?

Key Locker Lock – Ideal if you are on a budget and don’t have large staffing requirements.
Before buying, consider how many staff will be using the lockers. If you are buying 50 or more doors, the risk of a lost key grows. If you’re budget does not allow for another option, be sure to check that a master key is available for purchase and check the price of replacement keys,

Latch Lock – Allows for user to organise there own security. Padlocking and can be an affordable way to reduce key management by admin staff. They are unsightly with different types of padlocks on display.

Mechanical Combination Locker Lock – Combination Locks are a handy way to eliminate the need for keys in your locker room while allowing for secure access by patrons. Not suitable for Gyms where staff assistance not available.

Digital Locker Lock – A fantastic keyless locking option, with high tech solutions allowing for both shared use or single user mode and more. Digital lockers create a great aestheticly. Our suggestion is to ensure your lock has a manual key override, in the case of a total lock failure.

Learn more by reading our blog on Locker Lock Types Pros & Cons.

What types of personal lockers do you offer?

Office lockers, Gym Lockers, Plastic Lockers, School Lockers, Phone Lockers, Laptop Lockers, Coat Lockers.