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3 Factors to Consider When Redesigning Your Office Spaces

Design / December 4, 2020

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, working from home has become the new norm, especially since it’s best to avoid public spaces and face-to-face interactions. For this reason, many employees are going through the learning curve of balancing their work and personal spaces. Although most outsourced freelancers are familiar with working in these conditions, not everyone has a work-friendly environment that can keep them motivated to work at home.

Home Office Design

Separating your office and living spaces

The problem with having work-from-home setups is that workers don’t have a physical separation between work and personal life. It’s easy to entertain distractions when these two spaces are the same place. For this reason, many employees either get too tired to perform social tasks or are too demotivated to begin working. This is why it’s necessary to use your living spaces wisely to find the right work conditions even when you’re working at home. Since productivity depends on your mindset, you must know how to utilise proper interior design to your advantage.

If you’re planning to redesign your home office setup, here are three interior design factors you should consider:

1. Convert unused spaces instead of invading pre-assigned ones

A band-aid solution for work-from-home employees is to use any flat surface as a work area. This can be anything from your dining table to your bedroom desk. Although it may seem like a logical solution, it can be damaging to your internal mindset. It’s harmful to do this in the long term since it can make you uncomfortable to use these spaces for leisure. This is why it’s necessary to make a designated work station.

Instead of invading your home’s spaces, make a dedicated workstation by decluttering your home. Convert an empty corner into a functional home office by adding a simple desk together with a few floating shelves. Doing so will make a considerable difference in how you can put yourself in the right work mindset.

2. Introduce colour in your home office setup

Now that you have a dedicated workspace, you should make efforts to separate it from the rest of your home. However, you shouldn’t introduce dull and neutral colours that will replicate a dull office. Instead, you should embrace bright contrasts and bursts of bright palettes.

Since you won’t have to renovate a large space, you can focus on the small details of your home office setup. Besides painting your walls, you can also design your hanging shelves with small trinkets and containers for office supplies.

3. Keep a minimalist mindset

The trick to designing an effective work-from-home setup is to go for a minimalist style. It’s not your goal to turn a room into an office duplicate, especially if you don’t have enough space to spare. This is why you should focus on the essential parts of an office. When you’re considering your furnishing options, it’s best to look for multi-functional installations. Desks that have built-in drawers and foldable chairs or wall dividers are some ways to avoid a bulky home office.


One of the difficulties of working at home is the danger of never turning off your work mindset. It’s a major contributor that adds to people’s fatigue of being stuck in quarantine. Although you can do little about the world’s current issues with the global pandemic, you’re responsible for your well-being. Making a functional work office is a step towards keeping a healthy work mindset as you survive the challenges of today’s work conditions.

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