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4 Tips and Tricks for Employee-Centric Office Design

News / December 11, 2020

The most interesting design trend in offices in the last decade has been to design it as a space that values employees. Gone are the days when an office only served as a space to be productive and the face of the business. Employers and leaders in different industries are seeing the value of making the workspace as comfortable for their employees as possible.

After all, nothing inspires dedication and hard work in a team more than a feeling that you are valued and that the company wishes to take care of you. To that end, we have created this list of tips and tricks to help your employees feel more valued with your interior design and office furniture choices.

With no further ado, here they are:

Office Space and the right design For Your Employees

1. Give them better chairs and tables

One of the most important things you have to avoid in your employees is work-related body strain. It is not uncommon for those who have spent years working at a desk to feel pain in their lower back or hamstrings due to the many hours they spend sitting on bad chairs at poorly designed desks.

Luckily, there are plenty of options, such as multiple office desks that can transition to standing desks. Standing desks should give your employees relief from sitting too long and failing to put their muscles to use. After all, the skeleton was not designed to be sitting all day. Paired with a good ergonomic chair like the Canberra Black Mesh Chair, your employees can feel comfortable and healthy every day.

2. Give them flexibility

By investing in multi-function furniture, you could be investing in greater productivity. After all, sitting or standing in the same spot all day can be mentally tiring.

Not everyone is comfortable with staying in one space for long hours. Multi-function office furniture can allow employees to take their work to a different location for the day, giving them that nice change of pace they might need to boost their efforts.

3. Think about your walls

The ideal arrangement of a desk is when the nearest wall is behind the employee, which can give them a sense of security and privacy without sacrificing the sense of freedom that comes from the space in their vision.

That being said, an overabundance of space in an employee’s field of view might prove distracting. The optimum level of wall obstruction in an employee’s workplace should range from 50 to 75%. An employee should be able to see at least two people as well, but no more than four so that they do not feel like they are completely enclosed.

4. Design for natural lighting

With artificial lighting, the eyes tend to work harder than they have to. The incorrect balance of brightness can cause eye strain, headaches, drowsiness, and lack of focus. It might even lead to eye problems in time.
Natural lighting, on the other hand, is exactly what human eyes are accustomed to. Not only that, but it has been shown to improve happiness, health, job satisfaction, and increased performance.

If it is impossible, consider investing in lamps or bulbs that simulate natural light.


There are nearly limitless possibilities as to how an office can be designed, but if you’re thinking of redoing the look and feel of your office, consider designing it for the benefit of your employees. After all, the success of the company hinges on their performance, and their performance can be improved if they feel comfortable and cared for.

If you’re looking for office furniture in Canberra, send us at Aurora Office Furniture a message. We have plenty of options for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and are fully stocked to help you transform your business space.

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