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Office Renovation – 3 Tips on Designing Your Workspace

Design / December 18, 2020

A person’s environment contributes to how well they can perceive the things around them. For example, hotel establishments need to ensure that their guests can bask in a calming and relaxing atmosphere. This principle applies to office spaces as well. When you incorporate interior design in your office, you can create a comfortable space for you and your staff. Your office spaces can do more than just look good on your website photos.

Office Renovation And Design Tips

Developing modern office spaces

Offices that integrate effective interior design create an environment that helps workers become more motivated and productive. Many contemporary office spaces are moving out of the generic and bland colour palettes and cubicles to go for more creative and engaging office settings.

If you want to spice up your office environment, here are three tips on designing your workspaces.

1. Define your furnishing options

Like choosing the central motif for your home, choosing your material options for your office will dictate the creative direction of your interior design. Start with identifying the material of your office desks and chairs. You can go for traditional hardwood or a more expensive option like metal. Alternatively, you can double down on the aesthetic design of your office with vinyl installations.

Since these two furnishing options will be the bulk of your design, it must fit well with its backdrop that you’ll decide later. Besides looking at the aesthetics of these furnishing options, you should also consider their comfort and functionality. Buying a spacious desk and comfortable swivel chairs are excellent choices to make.

2. Choose a lively colour palette

The trend of brutalist and constricting architectural designs are no longer in fashion. People you hire don’t want to feel like they’re inside a manufacturing plant. Instead of using functional blacks, whites and greys, you should opt for livelier colour palettes that can brighten your workspaces.

Consider looking at colour theories as your guide on what shades you should use for your office. As a general guideline, warm tones are more refreshing, while cool tones are more relaxing. The safe option is to take a hint from your brand book to define your office’s look. However, you could go for complementary or contrasting colours, depending on how well it will fit your office spaces.

3. Bring natural elements in your indoor spaces

Natural shapes can be an excellent way to bring a much-needed break from the solid lines and structure of an office environment. This is why many offices nowadays incorporate indoor plants and other organic elements to make their workspaces more relaxing. If you have limited spaces to spare, you can choose to go small with succulents and hanging greenery to add texture to your office’s design.

You can place your greenery in your lounge area if you want to separate your workspaces. It’s common for employees to take a walk of fresh air away from the office to shake off their work mindset. By designating a specific resting area with organic installations, your staff won’t have to leave the office to feel at peace.


Having a well-designed office is a sign of innovation and great leadership. Just because you need your staff to focus on their work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in a welcoming environment. Sometimes, the two will work hand-in-hand to create the right working conditions for your employees to do their best. By making the right design and furnishing choices, your office renovation will make a significant impact on your company’s overall productivity.

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