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3 Improvements That Boost Office Workspace Productivity

News / November 27, 2020

Offices of the 21st century are incredibly different from those a few decades ago. There are plenty of ways to spice up an office, and these exciting touches spell the difference between decent and high productivity levels.

If you have noticed Google’s offices and how much colour and textures they incorporate into their workspaces, you can really tell the impact of functional interior design features. The 1990s era of office spaces are now dying out, and newer methods are found to be more effective for boosted employee satisfaction.

There are easy ways to set up an office to increase positivity and to promote a healthier working environment. A few dashes of interior design elements can transform a dreadful office into something as lively and as productive as Google’s great spaces. Remember that you want employees to have an easier time, as this not only promotes better work practices, but bumps up workplace satisfaction and happiness overall.

Office lighting is crucial in creating great office spaces

Three Of the Best Productivity Improvements for Office Spaces

There are many elements that can make any office space more pleasant and productive. Focusing on daily tasks and working hard for a company’s success can make employees feel stressed, so it pays to provide people with an environment that feels more comfortable. Here are three improvements you can make to your workplace to boost productivity significantly:


1. Lighting is Key

You’ve probably seen old school offices and their lighting fixtures, whether you’ve worked in one or have seen them in the movies. Most of them were fitted with white light bulbs that were blinding and fatiguing to view. It gave a very hospital or prison-like vibe, which is something you don’t want for your office. Those in the office space will struggle to feel comfortable, which impacts productivity more than imposing a work-minded environment.

A good set of warm light bulbs that are adjustable to increase or decrease brightness will increase atmospheric calm in any space. By making the lighting warmer and easier on the eyes, people will have a better feeling when indoors and working hard on projects. Additionally, variable mood lighting can be used in specific areas like the breaktime areas to introduce calmness when not working.


2. Furniture Pieces Can Improve Aesthetic Value

The usual office chairs and benches can make both workers and clients feel intimidated and uneasy. Scandinavian-designed furniture has become more popular and is now more affordable in some stores. These furniture pieces can improve the feeling of being in the office, and giving employees better desks and chairs can make them work better.

A good office chair can remove back pains, while an adequately organised desk can make working feel smoother overall. Comfort plays a big part in the satisfaction of workers, and having a good set of office furniture to provide support and positive visual aesthetics can make a massive difference.


3. Add Plenty of Colourful Spaces

Google’s colourful logo has seeped into all its interior design choices. With more colour comes more comfort and ease of work due to the positive vibes they attract. A bland and dark-coloured office can be pleasant when it comes to cleanliness and professionalism. However, it can be too dull if the spaces within it are not optimised for better functionality.

Be sure that the dashes of colour you add to your space matches well with your business’ colour palette. Doing so will provide a comprehensive and appealing aesthetic to both your staff and your visitors. Having an unrelated set of colours can damage your business’ brand identity due to confusion, so make certain they match up properly with the branding scheme you have set up for your company.

Bright Office Spaces create positive environments


Office furniture plays a big part in a modern office environment, but it also plays with the chosen colour scheme and the overall lighting of the location. When selecting these interior design elements, they must be optimised to work together and for them to run smoothly. By giving yourself and employees a chance to work in a better environment, you will be pleased to see better productivity and performance overall.

For the best options for office furniture in Canberra, Australia, Aurora Office Furniture specialises in the design and delivery of workplace furniture that suits a variety of needs. With pieces that are crafted under your specifications, you can enjoy customised furniture that meets the requirements of your business. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you!

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