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How We Are Affected by Noise at Work

Tips / July 10, 2020

Noise can greatly affect the way people work in the workplace as well. Imagine dealing with the usual stresses of the office or establishment along with excessive noise badgering you throughout the day. While a certain degree of noise is expected in the workplace such as phones ringing, taking voice calls, water dispenser chatter, and others, sometimes there is more noise than usual.

As an employer, you have a duty to care for all your staff and all aspects of their wellbeing, including their mental health. In this article, we will be analyzing how people are affected by noise pollution at work in terms of mental health which eventually leads to physical health degradation.


Regulations For Noise At Work

There are what are called common distracting noises that occur in almost all professions and work environments. These include phone ringing, conversations, laughter, doors slamming, eating, and slurping noises. Most of these are unavoidable and are minimal when it comes to hearing stress, therefore are dubbed as common distracting noises.

Noise Pollution And The Effects On Mental Health

When a lot of noise is present, it becomes hard to concentrate on the tasks at hand, as well as makes people easily irritable. When this happens, overall work quality is decreased because of affected productivity and distractions. When serving customers and clients, this is not what you want to happen because you want the highest quality services being given out to keep ratings up.

Some examples of issues that arise because of excessive noise in work environments include increased stress levels and anxiety. Noise is a trigger for some people, especially when the noises are loud and prolonged. This causes mental fatigue due to people having worries and anxieties about sounds, which impairs judgment and reduces motivation. It also spikes blood pressure, which can be harmful in the long run. In terms of anxiety, people can suffer mental fatigue due to exposure to loud sounds, which affects their abilities to hear, sleep, and be productive.

When these issues are left untreated, they may develop into severe health conditions like depression, weight loss or gain, high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, and even PTSD.

How To Set Up Office Acoustics For Best Results

Acoustic design of office spaces is usually overlooked, with more attention placed on thermal and ventilation design. It must be considered knowing how unwanted levels of noise can have an impact on overall productivity and workplace satisfaction. Utilising strategic placement of acoustic wall panels, ceiling tiles, and soundproofing carpet underlays can help absorb sound and offer maximum acoustic comfort for employees.

If possible, having dedicated areas with an open-plan office for company meetings or even private booths will help decrease stress levels and increase overall satisfaction.


Always remember the physics of how sound travels from its creation. Different surfaces and objects around can either magnify sound or cancel it out, so choosing the correct furnishing materials and items can make a big difference. Your employees’ satisfaction and happiness matter, as they make up the backbone of your company and are responsible for the on-the-job operations for the most part. Keeping them happy means many more years of them working for you and being a part of your esteemed team.

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