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How to Pick the Perfect Office Plant

Design / June 19, 2020

Office Plants

Plants are a great addition to any living or office space. They can instantly change the aesthetics of any interior while improving the air quality inside. If you need to transform your workplace into something more peaceful and appealing, adding some plants is one effective way to do it.

Although buying plants may seem like an easy task, it is not that simple. Not all plants can live indoors. There are specific plants that can, but they also have other needs. Choosing an office plant does not need to be stressful, though.


Here are some guidelines on how to choose the right one for your office:



1. Find the right spots

You can find the right indoor plants, but without the right spots, they will not thrive. Before you go visit a plant store, you must first secure a good place for them. It is the most important yet often forgotten step for plant owners. What is it that you need to look for? Here are the four important things to consider:

• Enough space for the plant

Squeezing a plant in a tight space is not ideal. Plants need enough space around it to grow beautifully. Do not forget that they are living creatures that also need space to breathe. Choose an area with good air circulation. Plants would need enough room to perform their functions of replenishing carbon dioxide, controlling the temperature, reducing humidity, and more.

• Enough source of light

It is ideal for plants to be placed somewhere near the window for better access to natural light. In case this isn’t possible, choose a hardy plant that can survive inside a room with no windows. Bringing your plants out or near the windows once in a while is like giving them a good break and allowing them to reinvigorate.

• Keep it away from foot traffic

Your plants need to be in a safe place to survive. Placing them in high-traffic places like the office entrance, restroom, break rooms, and so on, will only cause damage and death to the plants.

• Find a spot with the right temperature and humidity

There is no problem when the AC is turned on or when people are present to care for the plants, but what about on holidays or long weekends? Consider the temperature and humidity of the office during these times.

2. Find the right plants

By this time, you already know where you will put your plants. Now, you have to find the right kind of plants that will grow in your selected space. Here are some things to consider:

• Plant height and size: Will it be placed on top of the reception desk, near the window, sit on boardroom tables? How large will the plant get when it grows?

• Light level: How much light enters the room? What time will the sunlight enter the window?

Plants differ on sizes, height, and level of light needed for it to thrive. The answers to these questions would be a good guide in identifying the right plant for your office.


Before buying a plant, you have to go through the steps above. Skipping one over the other will not bring you and the plants any good. Once you have your office plants, do not forget to care for them properly. Although indoor plants are low maintenance plants, they will still need to feel some care and love for them to grow beautifully.

If you’re now decided on which plants to use for the office and are looking for planter walls or storage units that can also act as a planter, we have options for you. We have an attractive array of office furniture in Canberra to meet your needs. Get in touch now!

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