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Reduce Noise in an Open Office Setting With These Tips

Design, Tips / September 5, 2021

In an open office setting, one of the biggest issues is noise. Noise is so distracting that it can affect the productivity of the staff. There are things you can do if noise is a huge problem in your office.

Office Noise Cancelling Booth

Install noise-friendly flooring

Sure, natural wood and ceramic may be aesthetically pleasing, but they can create extra noise. Carpets can be an ideal flooring solution for noise reduction, but vinyl flooring is also popular because it’s easy to maintain and comes in various options. Vinyl flooring also has excellent sound absorption qualities.

Have a quiet space

Having a dedicated quiet space in the workplace is important. Instead of using conference rooms for that purpose, why don’t you add a dedicated quiet space within the office layout?

Consider noise-cancelling headphones

Let’s say you can’t redesign your office right now. In that case, the easiest way to reduce noise in your open office space is to get high-quality noise-cancelling headphones. A lot of reputable brands offer these types of headphones that allow staff to focus even in an open office setting.

Control background noise

An effective way to deal with office noise is to have a noise reduction strategy. You can do this by fighting noise with noise, such as ambient noise played in the background consistently.

Get sound-friendly furniture

Another effective way to reduce noise in the workplace is to get sound-friendly furniture. Noisy chairs won’t work in an open office space setting, so remember to choose wisely when selecting chairs and desks for your workplace.

Have plants (a lot of them!)

Plants can help reduce noise levels in an open office setting. Large plants have a bigger impact. Plus, they look great!

Consider where you place the plants around the workplace. Moreover, plants are not only helpful in sound reduction, but they can also help with air quality in the office.

Be more innovative with office layout

Get creative with your office layout. Move furniture pieces around to help reduce noise. Another way to reduce noise is to move office equipment in a separate room away from employees.

Improve insulation

Sound insulation material is effective in noise reduction. So, if you get the chance to improve your insulation, do it.


Noise reduction in an open office setting may seem challenging, but the truth is, little changes can have a significant impact. The tips above are helpful in effective noise reduction, especially if you don’t have plans to renovate your office anytime soon. With these tips, you can reduce the noise and keep productivity levels high.

Moreover, choosing the right furniture for your office can have a significant impact on noise. That’s why you need to ensure you only choose the best for your office. Start by finding a reputable furniture shop that specifically caters to your office’s needs.

Get cheap office furniture in Canberra at Aurora Office Furniture. We have a wide selection of office furniture that will contribute positively to noise reduction. Shop now!

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