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The Benefits of Using Ergonomic Furniture

Tips, Style / April 6, 2021

It doesn’t matter whether you work remotely or report to an actual office, chances are that you use a desk and a chair while at work.

Most workers only focus on getting their daily tasks done, without giving much thought to their office furniture. Not many people are aware of how ergonomics affects our physical and mental wellbeing and how important it is to ensure you choose furniture that is right for you.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is not a new concept. Our human ancestors put intense thought into the creation of tools and devices to help make work lighter, easier, and less painful. In the present day, this approach is still applied to modern furniture and equipment.

In a nutshell, ergonomics refers to the study and specific design of devices, equipment, and furniture to fit the human body and promote better movement. Ergonomic furniture will help people avoid strain or chronic pain caused by prolonged sitting or standing at a desk.

Benefits of ergonomic furniture

1 – Improved posture

If you spend 8 hours or more working at your desk, you will need to ensure that your chair and desk encourages good posture. If you use non-ergonomic furniture, there is a chance you will have bad posture.

Bad posture might include slouching, reclining too much, or having your legs at an odd angle. Good posture includes a straight back, with your feet planted flat on the floor. Your knees should be at a 90-degree angle.

2 – Good support

The desk chair you choose for your workstation should provide adequate support for your neck, back and hips. Ideally, you should try and find a work chair with a headrest and good back support. As you search for the best desk chair, it’s a good idea to take it for a “test drive” and see if it fits right.

3 – Increased productivity

Non-ergonomic office furniture can easily distract you from your work as you struggle to find a comfortable position.  Ergonomic furniture creates a comfortable work environment and can increase your productivity.

4 – Better mobility

Ergonomic furniture is designed to reduce the risk of chronic pain and make your work environment more comfortable. Chairs that spin and turn can help increase your mobility and help you move around and reach for the things while you work.

5 – More focus

Your concentration level will also benefit from using the correct chair and desk in your office. When you’re not worrying about an uncomfortable chair, or back pain, your productivity will increase and you can focus on the job at hand.


Many of the aches and pains workers feel can be blamed on the furniture they sit on. Employees who sit at desks 8 hours a day can help avoid body pains by investing in ergonomic furniture.

Taking time to find the right type of ergonomic chair and desk will go a long way to increase productivity and create more focus in the workplace.

If you need ergonomic office furniture, the best place to find it is at Aurora Office Furniture. We are a family-owned furniture company located in Canberra, Australia, that specialises in designing and delivering workspaces for organisations of all sizes. Visit us and get high-quality furniture for your office today!

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